pray with us

Our services are song-filled musical celebrations of our tradition’s prayers, psalms and poetry punctuated by modern teachings that bring them new meaning and importance. They are inclusive and participatory, with community members often sharing their own words and songs as we seek to blend traditional practices and melodies with innovations and modern interpretations. We believe that prayer can unite and inspire, and we are committed to providing services and experiences that are uplifting and accessible.


Each week, Shabbat at Shtiebel starts with a chance to un-wined.

From 5.30pm, we gather together, to catch up with old and new friends, share a little nosh, and have a drink, as we let go of the week that was.

If you would be interested in sponsoring un-wined in celebration or commemoration, please complete the details below.

kabbalat shabbat services

Bring in Shabbat with our musical service, filled with communal singing, instruments and personal reflection. We’ve created our own siddur (prayer book) that brings together liturgy and customs from many traditions, and melodies from around the globe.

Our services invite all to take a seat at the table, to bring their voices or instruments together, to lead readings, share learnings and participate in meaningful ways.

Please register to join us on February 24 and March 10.

kiddish club

An interactive Shabbat experience geared towards pre-schoolers, their family and friends.

Each session explores the sounds, taste, and sights of Shabbat, as we live, learn and pray together in a multigenerational way.

All are welcome to join us from 9.30 to around 11am on the second Saturday of the month starting March 11.

shabbat un-packed

For many, the siddur (prayer book) is inaccessible, as their lived experience never provided them the opportunities to understand either its structure or substance. shabbat un-packed has been created as an opportunity to do just that: un-pack the structure and substance of the siddur in order to improve literacy and empower participants to take ownership of their prayer experience.

No prior knowledge of Hebrew or liturgy is required. We invite you to bring any siddurim you have at home, or borrow one of the many from our library shelves.

Fourth Shabbat of the month, 10.30am-12pm


havdalah is a beautiful, multisensory ritual passed down by tradition to help us transition from the holiness of shabbat into the ordinary week.

The brief 15 minute ceremony is the perfect backdrop for a community gathering. Appreciating this, at our monthly havdalah services, we ‘pop up’ in different locations around Melbourne to allow us to live, learn and pray together in our favourite spaces.

shtiebel havdalah is on the third Saturday of the month. For more information about our next location and time, please complete the form below.


The Jewish year is punctuated by a host of festivals, celebrations and commemorations which allow us to connect to our peoples story and integrate it in to our modern lives.

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