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We work with couples to celebrate and honour their relationship through unique wedding ceremonies, bespoke renewal rituals and creative commitment ceremonies, reflecting our commitment to egalitarianism and pluralism.


Prepare Enrich is a pre-marriage and relationship enhancement education program that allows couples to explore and enhance their relationship.

The first part of Prepare Enrich is a couple assessment — completed online — that identifies your strength and growth areas as a couple.

Rabbi Lazarow then provides a face-to-face feedback session, in which the facilitator helps the couple discuss and understand their results, and teaches you proven relationship skills

Prepare Enrich will help you:

  • Identify strength and growth areas.
  • Explore personality traits.
  • Strengthen communication skills.
  • Resolve conflicts and reduce stress.
  • Compare family backgrounds.
  • Comfortably discuss financial issues.
  • Establish personal, couple, and family goals
Rabbi Lazarow Counselling
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religious ceremonies

Our religious ceremonies are offered to couples who both identify as Jewish and include a series of religious rites that have evolved over the centuries.

Often held outside with a wedding canopy (chuppah) covering the couple, the ceremony includes two distinct rituals, the betrothal (erusin) and the completion of the marriage itself (nissuin).

In kiddushin the couple make commitment to one and other through a symbolic payment and a signed contract or ketubah. The payment is generally made with a ring, but is sometimes made with a ceremonial coin. Each of these steps includes the blessing of wine and recitation of prayers.

The first set of blessings is said over the first cup of wine before the gift of the ring, and then seven blessings (sheva brachot) are pronounced over the second cup of whine following the reading of the ketubah.

Finally, the groom breaks the glass under his foot. The breaking of the glass symbolizes the destruction of the Second Temple, thereby reminding the assembled party of the need to be mindful of unhappiness even at moments of great joy.

cultural ceremonies

While there is great meaning and symbolism in the rites and rituals of a religious ceremony, many couples find a Cultural Ceremony to be a more meaningful and appropriate celebration of their relationship.

Cultural wedding ceremonies can still include chuppah, circling, rings, wine, ketubah and even the Sheva Brachot (wedding blessings) but they take on a different meaning as they are adapted to reflect the beliefs and practices of the couple.

Nowhere is the power of this renewal of tradition better seen than in a way that couples are reimagining the ring presentation. Where once, the ring ceremony was the ritual used to allow the groom to “acquire” the bride in accordance with the “laws of Moses and Israel”, increasingly the ring ceremony is reflecting a mutuality that allows the marriage to look and feel far more like a “merger” than an “acquisition”.

civil ceremonies

While the overwhelming majority of our weddings include aspects of Jewish religious and cultural traditions some couples prefer a simples civil ceremony that can take place with as few as 5 people (couple, witnesses and celebrant).

Civil Wedding
Your Wedding - Your Way

additional servcies


we can prepare and print your own personalised custom Ketubah with a choice of text and presentation

chuppah loan

we have a beautiful set of chuppah poles that can be used individually or with our stunning chuppah cover

additional musician

our musicians can bring the beauty and song of our tradition to life. Whether you are planning a traditional service or a cultural celebration, we strongly encourage you to consider including one or more of our musicians in your planning